In our household one form of fair weather transportation and fun is the long board. For those who don’t know what a long board is it’s a skate board with oversize wheels and a platform that is 3-4 feet long. My son  prefers his long board to bike riding. He has a circle of friends that long board. There are days when he has boarded fifteen miles one way to visit his girl friend. To put this in perspective, he is a teenage kid with average energy. An unassuming kid that really enjoys street surfing.

It is this kind of spirited activity that cannot be regulated or should not be put down. I don’t think that other people get that the streets are meant for humans moving like long boarders and bike riders. Let’s face it that in today’s world those of us that take control of the street do it because we can. Look around, do you see horses trotting down the avenue? No, regulations say no horse riding. Until, the day comes that skating and biking is outlawed from the street we will be here and then let history write the score.

The above Japanese calligraphy means history. Kodo is motion and the longboard is one instrument of Kodo.


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