R U Drive Thru?

Are you the drive thru type? I mean this is America on wheels and not a second wasted for mundane standing in line. Are you just lovin it like McDonalds says in their ads? Not me. Not for an instant. When the urge for a cheap burger is welling up inside, the guilt of buying one is so much that the thought of sitting idle in a car at the drive through is enough to make me gag. So what about it? Does the drive thru symbolize anything for you?

The logo above funny thing about is that it only has two wheels. Could the designer have been thinking WTF, this is crazy. Maybe the designer was thinking yeah, a tandem bicycle pulling up to the drive up. In his dreams, then the OK from corporate to go with the design. It sure doesn’t look anything like a motorist family to me. If next time you decide to park your car, ride your bike and head to the burger joint, it would make a world of difference in your life and maybe someone else.


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