Fast Commute

Hey, back in the saddle riding the Masi after one day on the Raleigh. Was fast commute this morning. 50 minutes from door to door. The weather had everything to do with it. Tail wind and cool air and a lightened load. Taking a day off from photo shoots, bagged lunch and carrying a heavy lock. All I wanted to do was flyyyy! 

Dragan Sekaric

While looking for a picture of Marshall Ave. on Google Images I came across this nice one from a local blog     I’m visiting for the first time and I think the photography is wonderful and from what I can tell the coverage of St. Paul and Minneapolis is outstanding.

Blogging five days a week has been my goal and using my own pictures has recently fallen off but, while that is the case I get to discover what other people are doing. When I look back to April showers and bike riding in similar weather as the picture I really appreciate how this image synchs with my own sense and experience of our two cities.

It might just be a thing for us in the north to always know that winter is coming. As a four season bike rider the change of weather is something to prepare for. Not necessarily a thing to look forward to. So for anyone looking to make bike riding a transportation option, don’t fear the weather. It’s best to pay as little attention to weather reports and discover for yourself what works and what doesn’t by stepping outside and getting on a bike as much as you can.


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