Bike More Drive Less

Well, finally, I have titled a piece  I use on most closings. The spirit of this phrase is the Kodo “the sense of motion” of the resident in the places we live. As bike residents, the streets come alive with our bodies in motion. That is an undeniable sense. As automobile residents, the streets, the places we travel through and  our senses are numbed by the isolation of the automobile experience.

Residency can be about making choices to better these places. Immenent change is in the choice and effort of each resident to bike ride more or drive your car less.  Today, in America, behavior is either the solution or the problem  of all things. Behavior is sold everyday in advertisements.  Tabaloids and Dr. Phil address our problems of lost love, gluttony, ageism, sexism, self esteem with behavioral solutions. Thinking about this another way is to identify that when we make choices, specifically about personal transportation, that questioning those choices welcomes new healthy behaviors.

An active bike riding resident adapts habits and styles, to days and seasonal changes. It is the uninitiated bike rider and the car driver that smells the smoke but, has yet to feel the fire.



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