What If

What if some things never changed like the times when a bicycle could be taken on an airplane to Europe free of charge. The year was 1985 when I traveled to France as a bike tourist and Bruce Springsteen was there on his Born in the USA tour. Bruce, where is the working life now?

What if life was stuck in 1985 and there was no carbon fiber or Gore Tex or clipless pedals or aluminum frames or dual suspensions? Would Reynolds 531 be good enough? What if the Rails to Trails were nothing but abandoned lines and bike riders actually rode in the street or roadway? What if the expanding suburbs were never built and city centers preserved from urban removal?

What if there was a promise before we said I do and that made all things true would this change anything? What if things did not change and teenage boys rode bikes and men one short of a six-pack rode bikes and women were very infrequent bike riders would we as a nation have all become runners and fit and slim? What if today we rode bikes more and drove cars less?



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