Adventure Bike Ride

To follow-up with our friend who needed medical attention Sunday. He had dehydrated and this caused his coughing up blood. He was released from the hospital Monday afternoon and is doing fine hanging out with our son tonight.

Yesterday’s ride home was not dark or wet. When I reached street level after work the afternoon thunderstorms had subsided. I decided to take Summit Avenue towards the Mississippi River crossing. On my way up Cathedral Hill I was challenged by a young woman who appeared to be half my age. She was cranking along in a tall gear. I figured to hang back and keep her in sight but I needed to get out of my cruising gear and step on it. So for about 3 miles I sped along in work out speed. For me that is at least 16mph up to 20mph. When I missed making a green light the young woman continued on in high gear.

It is too often that women are not recognized as bicycle riders. As our accepted norms are constantly changing it will be women like this rider who challenge our sedentary culture. I was looking for a blog spot on Tibet biking and found CyclingDutchGirl  .      So here is todays’ post. Women and Adventure Biking.

The link  Girl Power is women blog spots and about bicycle adventure travel. Cycling Dutch Girl is a traveler/adventurer that is living her life on her own terms. She is seeking something other than husband, kids and home. Maybe this is not for all of us. I so happen to have a spouse, kids and a home. But, the connection is adventure in daily life. And the common denominator is being out there on a bike for transportation.

The day-to-day travels of getting onto a bike and finding a place to eat, rest and sleep are not for everyone. In another life I spent bike time traveling. Europeans call it Trekking. In a world were every convenience is at our fingertips, a bike trek is medicine for our soul.

Today, was my little adventure in bike transportation.  By the time I was at Cathedral Hill with only about a mile all downhill to work, my back tire went flat. So I walked the remainder of the way in. No way to fix the tire with a conventional patch, I had to improvise. The building crew had  a roll of Gorilla Tape. The tube has repaired nicely with a small patch of GT. The patch is holding with about 100 pounds of pressure. Will see how this works out and post results later. I suspect that our women adventures have been saddled with more challenges than a flat tire. When  a bike ride turns into an adventure no matter where in the world the story is universal. Ride your bike more and drive your car less.


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