White Tee

A family friend rode over Sunday for a bike ride outing with my son.  The humid weather made the climbing high temperature steaming hot. Remembering our friends health history I was concerned that today was hazardous  hot. Then he rolled up into the backyard and that is when I saw the blood on his arm and neck. He had coughed up blood. We got him inside and called the paramedics. The fire department was the first to arrive at our front door. They took vital signs and were leaving when the ambulance crew pulled up to the curb. They showed themselves in and in short time initiated a call to our young friends mother to pick him up. It was quite a scare to see our young friend still suffering from his accident and surgery. I offered him a white tee-shirt so he would have something fresh and dry to wear on his way to the hospital. My white tee is nothing special. It’s made of 100% cotton and does a nice job of soaking up sweat.  In a pinch it has connected me to these events of  a  young man. The limits which we push our body to and the will to withstand the unknown consequences are the risk we take to know our spirit.

And then there are the mornings after and the muggy day and the threat of rain can’t stop us from riding into work. The summer brings with it the chance offering of garbage day. On the way over to St Paul I ran into wet slick streams of garbage juice.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s the foul fluid that spills from out of garbage trucks on their route around town. I speed up when the air is ripe and moist. It’s been raining all day and the ride home will be a challenge. I brought flip-flops with me and expect to be drenched. Another dark and wet experience. Till later.


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