Fred Laughing Blogger Botch

One of my go to blogs BSNY is the place where I have heard the term Fred. The usual meaning is loosly a bike rider that is outfitted in the latest gear. Fred’s are not to be confused with elite athletes like Christoph Strasser. Fred’s are poseurs. Fred’s are the guy making comments yesterday on the Greenway. Three dudes, one a real Fred, the other two, possibly  hipsters hanging with  a Fred, exploded in laugher at a Surly Pugsley rider who had just passed by their little observaton post. Disguised as white men taking a rest from a long ride the Fred had a ready snipe of bike rider scorn. I don’t know what I was thinking but I knew what I was feeling. Fred is laughing and putting down a strange bike rider and I wanted to say “you think something is funny?”  Before I knew it the Fred yelled at me, “come back and say that to my face.” Never to back down, I hit the brakes, turned around and said “hey is this how we are going to introduce ourselves?” The second I stopped, Fred was taking off his helmet to reveal short blond hair. The guy was mid thirties, slim, not wiry. His two hipster companions not saying a word. I stayed mounted on my Masi. Fred had laid his bike down. Was he ready to throw a punch? At least I didn’t think so. His threat had no follow up. I was back in his face. Fred says “why don’t you stay out of the conversation?” He was right about that. I should never had come back to face this Imperilus Idiot. But, here I was asking what he thought was so funny about the Pugsley rider.  Fred, says riding a winter bike in the summer was funny. Fred, says he sells Pugsleys. Fred, is the biggest liar if there ever was one. If I see this guy again I will give him a Casey Anthony.

Christoph Strasser is awesome!

About 3 miles up the Greenway, I caught up with the Pugsley rider. He was turning onto the Bryant Ave ramp. I decided not to follow. I had had enough drama for one bike ride. In the months I have been blogging and the lifetime of bike riding this was my first and hopefully my last confrontation with a FRED.


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