Singapore C.O.E.

In trying to expand my coverage of bike riding around the world traveling to far flung destinations is going to be impossible. It is through some research of images on the web that I can bring the contents of other blogs to this page. My intent is to show that all cultures are using bikes for transportation and the many global similarities we have in common. Today’s post is just one link from Singapore. Just click onto the image below to see what is happening in this small city state. Singapore is one of the cleanest, richest and most densely populated places on the planet. But in the end it is no different than where you live. People and the places we inhabit are governed by policy like it or not. One example is the relationship between automobiles and the state.

Where there is a sense of entitlement for automobiles as there is in the USA, there is in Singapore a tax that is levied. The official program called Certificate of Entitlement limits car ownership. If we think automobiles are expensive, hold onto your hats. A Hyundai Elantra is over $80,000 US Dollars.

click on picture for link to Singapore FountainPen

Singapore is not for everyone. It is a powerhouse of ideas and a place where people aren’t afraid to be seen on a bike in a culture that prizes automobiles. Where one culture limits auto ownership and created a market disincentive it just shows that money is never an object for some people.

For bike riding to play an important part in the future of this planet it will have to become a choice made from not what we are entitled but from what the earth is entitled. So look around for one minute at the place you drive through, park your car in, and actually see that part of your world that is fouled by the car. If you start seeing cars as clutter then good. Take it a step further and put them away in a garage, away off the street and leave them idle. Ride a bike more and your car less.


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