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Well I have been blogging now for about eight months and made 162 posts. Total visits 1900 and 32 comments. In June I started to use the ClustrMaps worlviewer. This tool which is viewable on the blog is very useful. Where people are signing is hopeful to me that I might one day hear a comment from “out there” Please take a look and see if your country is reading.

What I originally was compelled to do with my blog was to have pictures and personal stories. I think if you have been reading the archives the blog has become a mix of bike topics and political topics. Oh, well. Other blogs that I routinely check out have kept me in my routine. One aspect of blogging is to make comments on other blogs. I have done so in the past. On two occasions these comments led to the largest views of the day on my blog. Why? In my opinion, it is the community of blog readers following a thread to another blog that creates a web of new ideas. Not rocket science. It’s social media. This leads me to why I am writing.

One of my go to blogs Ecovelo,  (they call themselves a web-site)  has recently stopped comments to its discussion area.  “According to our tracking software, only 2% of our readers were clicking through to read the comments and less than 1% were participating in the discussions, yet the time and energy required to maintain a civil discussion area had dramatically increased over time. Because of this, closing comments was a necessary step to ensure the long-term sustainability of the site.” Here I am asking for your comments and inviting all of you in and Ecovelo has shut its door.

I will tell you I was part of the 1% participating in the discussion. That would put me in the same rank as the percentage of Americans that actually ride a bike for transportation. This feeling that I have now for Ecovelo to bar discussion leaves me less curious about the site. Will they reconsider? What will their tracking software say in a month or two? One percent drop off rate is nothing. If that is what it’s going to be like for American bike riders then lets’ just close the door on bike riding too.


Comments always welcome….Ride your bike more and drive your car less


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