Kodo Wag the Dog

With the oppressive heat this week making our little part of the world one of the hottest places on the planet it makes me wonder if we aren’t ready for a revolt, the kind that you might find in the old hot days of banana republics. The web of events that are taking place makes it primetime for a fictional coup. The govenor is weak. Minnesota Govenor Dayton caved into Republican demands and did not tap the 1 percent at the top for tax revenue.  The President is weak.  Kodo wag the dog. The billionaire boys club is still holding the cards. This is not 1967 Watts or Detroit. Bobby and Martin were still alive. No, there are no hero’s today to lead a revolt. Palin and Bachmann are no hero’s. WWJD? OMG! WTF! The only coup that could happen is one that starts with you. Wallets are your weapon. Keep em closed!

You are the hero of this story. It will take keeping your eyes open and maybe your wallet shut. Yeah, do the opposite of spend. Wallets not Bullets. Economic consequences will make you the hero of this fictional coup. Wag the Dog. Spend less on food, gas, cloths, eating out, non-essentials for the next 30 days. Watch as supplies go up and prices fall.

So, enjoy the remainder of summer and stay close to water. Get out of your rut of driving alone, you lonely people. Get on a bike and ride, with the air and sun on your face. It will do you good. It will give the space and place you are in a fresh look. Kodo in motion. Wag the Dog when you are bike riding. It is the change that you make when you leave the car parked that makes you a hero.


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