Climate Control

There can be no mistaken it this week we are having one hell of a climate spike with hot and humid conditions. I want to distinguish the difference here from weather. Weather seems like it’s a prediction or seen on TV in wide screen doplar. Climate on the other hand is our experience of real temperatures in a real space. Weather is unpredictable. Climate hits you in the face. When climate conditions are at the extreme like this weeks steam bath, it sort of gets everyones attention. 

Last month as tornado’s slashed through our city’s northside and swept across Minnesota and Wisconsin do we call it climate or weather? My thinking of weather, is it’s localized. Climate is regional and national or hemispheric and global. I’m not going to debate global warming, but I will say this about contributions to climate conditions. When a concentration of fossil fuels are burned from human activity there is going to be a rise in temperatures. If you don’t believe me leave your car running and step out and stand next to the front wheels. Heat. Hot as H E double hockey sticks. This is your little bit of climate change. The one you have control over. Now add all these little bits up.

All you AARP members listen up. Over a lifetime of commuting where we are today you and me can do something about adding less heat. Don’t drive every place like we are invalids. We are using up precious time those of us over fifty when we could bike ride for short trips. A bike ride does not add to atmospheric climate conditions nor does natures animals. When will it really sink in that driving a car at our leisure has contributed to our growing need for a better connection with the earth?

So, let’s sit back and do nothing. Or not. Say just continue on the same road. Climate control set to 70. Ipod plugged in. Cell phone in hand. Full tank of gas. Monthly car payment. Future looking bright. Road construction ahead. Government shutdown looming. Republicans no taxes. Pot holes. Repair bill. Not your fault, but asphalt. Buckling concrete. Outside temperature is 95 F feels like 108F. Is it a summer cold or something I caught in the air. Cough, cough. Climate control house awaits. Everywhere feels like Texas. America is becoming Texas. Exiting car to house. Skin is creepy crawly from exposure to climate. Inside house. Ice cold air. Climate control. Do nothing and wait is the cowards way out. Do something. Ride your bike more and drive your car less.


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