Small Towns Respond

This is a challenge for those of you that live in small towns to start bike riding for transportation. Here is the chance for the very few people who ride bikes in small towns to speak up. Do your neighbors see you and think any number of weird things? Like. I’ve gone green. Lost my job. Can’t afford gas. Is a health nut. The challenge for none bike riders is to get over what other people think. So I will add that what I think of you just doesn’t matter either. But, here is what I think why you don’t ride and again this is just my perception.

Small towns have very few secrets. It’s not easy to be anonymous. Everyone knows the guy with the Big Truck or Fast Mustang. Which leads into the number one reason people don’t bike ride in small towns is that the perception of lots of steel surrounding me and my family is manly. A bike makes us vulnerable and sensitive. Can’t have that with persisting threats to the heartland,  our family and our women  around every corner. In therory we mobilze our big guns everytime we go out in our “tanks” for a grocery run or a trip out to the ball field. Our family is an extension of the military if all we do is depend on big oil and big cars to haul us around. Come on small town people, this is the challenge. The first time you choose to bike ride for transportation is waiting and so is the challenge. Do it for yourself, your hometown.

So when you pass the Dairy Queen next and roll up on your bike ignore the stares from the local yokels. Possibly, it don’t matter anymore on the outside, but on the inside I bet these yokels are wondering how they can get themselves a bike.  What do you say? Is a bike ride through town going to kill you? Come on and move a little. I can’t believe that you don’t want to get your body moving. Ride your bike more and drive your car less. Would like to hear from those that bike in small towns and from those who have excuses why they don’t.


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