A letter to Bruce Weber

The second installment of Bruce Weber’s ride across America has chronicled his fetish for “straight” handlebars that you would think he was trying to make amends for his decision. Does he doubt this choice? Isn’t straight a natural state of being?  On the advice of his physiatrist, Bruce is concerned with a pinched nerve in his neck. Read the full account here.

In the bike world which Bruce admits his shortcomings there are going to be the experts who attempt to steer bike riders towards products that are a compromise. This is one of those situations. Bruce, this handlebar set up is wrong for long distance touring.  Any self respecting bike tourist will ride a properly fitted bike with a multiple hand grip. Not a static grip with bar ends. That style may be great for short quick trips but wake up Bruce. Get some drop bars in Portland! And when you come through Minneapolis I’ll chop and flop them for you at no extra charge.

Preparing for your trip Bruce you have relied on some dudes in NY city that sent you out of the store with out proper fitting. They don’t know diddly about touring and rider reach. NYC is hometown of the Snob. In a recent post he warns you too. This choice of bars are like a bad haircut where you had to go back to have your bars narrowed and raised. Is this how they do it in NYNY?

Do yourself and your neck a favor and get a second opinion in Portland. This could shape up to a coastal feud with the hipster capital of bike riding.  If there is anyone out there that can help this man before he leaves for the heartland please tweet the twit before he goes ahead and hurts himself.

No offense Bruce. I wish you the best.


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