Running Stop Signs

My neighbor friend is a great guy, He is handy and a pretty good carpenter. We have beers together in the summertime. This week I saw him walking his dog. I was bike riding past the park early in the morning when I stopped to catch up  since we had not seen each other the entire month of June. Just a quick word as I had to be on my way. what came next were his parting words ” Stop at every stop sign, you have to follow the same laws as I do,” more of a taunt than tongue in cheek. I’ve heard this same line from him regarding bike riding. I wish he was not so serious about it. It isn’t funny anymore.

I know that no system is equitable. So why do those people think that cars and bike riders have equal responsibility at stop signs? Here is a situation where a bike rider is in motion and part of the natural environment whereas  a driver is encapsulated and sedentary while propelled along in a 12 x 6 steel cage. Looking at it another way. We have road rules and policies that are in need of change. Until there is enforcement I will be running stop signs with caution and respect for drivers, other bike riders and pedestrians. Sorry G2G. What do you think is right? Should bike riders be made to stop? Would this just make everyone happy or just irate?


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