Independence Day Say What!

Beer and Brats. Fireworks galore. This Indy Day is so different than 2008 when not one boat motored on the lake. The nation was numbed that July 4th, but not yet betrayed by big finance. Gas was as high then as it is now but, Americans hadn’t seen it that high. Three years later, the economy is more or less in recovery. Like Lindsey Lohan’s recovery this recovery deserves a slap in the face. For that matter  you the reader should take a big fat slap for your own wake up call.

 Botero Dancers 2000 Minneapolis Minnesota

Leaving the country for a short while and coming back to the States often is a little lesson in humanity. Not humility but humanity. It just so happens that where I traveled the old cities are no longer worth visiting. Get a table top book and spend some time at the Public Library. The cities are overrun by Chinese Tour Groups that swarm in and out of museums and piazzas like martins. Accosted by barkers is nothing more than the experience of a day at the Great Get Together, the State Fair. So should we travel? Yeah, travel as far away from our roots and discover the sweat and sinew of gods vessel. Get on some shoes and Garp. Ride a bike and shake it like Hoosiers.



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