USA Has Longer Commutes, Fast vs Slow

The USA has longer bike ride commutes than other societies from 10-20 miles roundtrip. Many opportunities for bike riding as transportation in our cities and suburbs but people don’t know where to start. I like to keep things simple so I want to break it down to two schools of riding. There is the fast rider and the slow rider. The common feature is they are riding, what they both also do is control body temperature but in two different ways. The fast rider works hard and perspiration cools their body as they are steaming toward work. The slow rider tries to keep a momentum or pace that is comfortable without breaking into a sweat. On humid days this may be impossible for both types of riders. Fast riders are concerned with working out and prepare riding clothing, office clothing and clean up fastidiously. There is usually a shower at the office end of the trip, or maybe a health club. But, often the fast rider is sponging off in the sink and applying powder and deodorant. Sweat does not smell, but sweat soaked clothing does. A change of clothing is mandatory in the USA.

Commuter bike – light weight- 13 miles from home to office 75 minutes slow ride- no sweat mid 70’s -office clothing- rolled up pants

Commuter bike – single speed –  6 miles from home to office 55 minutes slow ride- humid  mid to low 80’s -change of shirt- office clothing, rolled up pants

So what about the slow rider who is maintaing an even cooling temperature from start to finish? Summer bike riding to the office is very doable in office type clothing. A slow ride is no more than adding time to your ride and taking routes that keep you moving. Slow bike riding is all about momentum. Once on your bike don’t stop. Route selection is very important but more so for slow bike commutes. You don’t want to be on streets with traffic signals. Slow bike riding in the summer months is great training as Fall turns to Winter. When the weather is cooling just adding a light layer will maintain proper heat retention and cooling. Emphasis is to listen to your body. Additional time bike riding and driving your car less can turn a slow commute or fast commute into a natural process. So let’s get out there now.


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