Panoramic Universal Hand Gesture

Welcome back to street life in the good ole USA. On my first ride through Richfield MN this week I was confronted by two carloads of Rednecks yelling at me to get off the street. This deserved a swinging panoramic universal hand gesture.

What is it about the wide open roadways that we Americans enjoy and can’t for an instant just swing around a bike rider and give us some space without projecting negative energy? Well I know I won’t get anywhere with imbeciles yelling from Suburban SUV’s and hand gestures are my answer to your hogging my space.

Florence Italy graffiti- June 2011

At the very least bike riding in the suburbs has very few adherents. It is out of place to share the road with bike riders. Bike riders don’t belong. Give me some feed back on this. The wider the road,  the less traveled the road, what are your observations? Do cars think they own all the space where you ride? Has bike path infrastructure and suburban sidewalks created a belief system for non-riders that entitle them to harassing behavior?

My thoughts are when traffic is slowed, drivers pay attention and bike riding is safer. When roads are narrow in urban areas riding is safer. Close proximity of biking and auto traffic can reach a critical mass. It is then up to the individual to find alternative routes. But, the suburbs don’t necessarily have options. It would be interesting to hear how suburban riders handle few options. Is bike riding just completely dying in the burbs? Let me know.


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