Kodo in found objects

The routine picture taking I manage during my day often accompanies this blog post, but I don’t always give myself credit for the photo’s. My time shooting pictures has made my time on the bike a better experience. Active seeing complements active movement. Kodo is a survival sense that alerted early humans to their next meal. Always on the lookout either to eat or be eaten. Our modern times is a mechanism for a passive class of people.

We  do very strange things as passive humans. We have become gatherers in our collection of things. But what of the instinct to hunt? To shoot pictures of found things draws us from our office cave and our caged ride around town.

Bike riding and picture taking is a connection to the technology we experience, but also Kodo to the past. A moment is captured in the blink of  an eye and gone only to be viewed once downloaded and shared on blogs or Facebook. All pictures in this post and yesterday taken in Minneapolis June 8th.



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