Slow Cooking

Well yesterdays post came in with talking points to control body temperature while bike riding. It was an unexpected record temperature today in Minneapolis. The high topped out at 102 F or 39C. Taking my own advice I maintained a constant 70- 80 rpm. I wore a white T and short sleeve shirt and rolled workpants to mid calf. A helmet and sunglasses kept most debris and sun off of my face. There were plenty of bike riders who seemed to not have any problems with the very high temps. Two conditions prevailed to keep the ride within a sanity level that most people would agree is essential for a slow cooking ride. Those conditions are first a very strong wind. On a super hot day, wind not breeze is a bonus. The second condition which is hit or miss in Minnesota, but common in places like Arizona, is a low humidity. Right in there at 19 percent which had a great cooling effect. Such low humidity means not much sweat.

What I wanted to do today was suck down ice water long before I took off for a 10 mile commute back home.  As much as I love Coke it was not on my mind. Funny how a can of pop with 140 calories is about all I burned extra on my ride. So, enough about bikes and the heat. For all the saps who are still driving and acting so 20th century how was your miserable commute? While plugging along at 11 or 12 miles per hour on a bike may seem like slow stuff, compare that to and hour in your hot car. An hour of frustration at other drivers. Or bike riders who flash by while you are stuck in a cue waiting for the light to change. With road work monopolizing so many routes every other form of transportation is equally affected. A bike ride is the only transportation that is effective against haphazard construction  traps. Photo’s taken around Minneapolis June 2011.

The Rev 2 installed on a Bianchi Rollo. Single speed. Retail cost 2005 $250. Current value around $200. 6 year depreciation $50. 6 year appreciation 100 percent. Try the Rev 2 DIY. It opens up possibilities like no other handlebar. Ride bikes more and drive your car less.


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