Temperature Control

The test for many of us at this time of year is to keep our internal temperature under control when we are bike riding. It may come as a surprise that temperature does in fact have a significant affect on bike riding on days other than “perfect.”  Two areas to focus on is dressing for the weather and keeping a slower pace.

For men and women a white cotton T-shirt under a light top layer will absorb sweat while insulating from the suns direct rays. Working pants can be rolled up to mid calf so legs get some relief. Sun glasses are a must eye protection item to keep out air borne debris. Another item and this is not a plug for helmets but, a helmet hot days or really cold days insulates just like a beer cooler for your head. 

Photo Stone Arch Bridge: Minneapolis MN

Take it slower. That is from experience,  a slower pace is something to be discovered. It is hard to say what your pace should be other than don’t break out into sweat buckets. A couple methods is keep a cadence of 70 – 80 rpm. Spinning or lugging in a gear invites sweat. Another method is pay attention to the wind you are creating. It should feel cooling. A lot like AC. It you are not feeling it you are either working too hard or going too fast. So give yourself a break on your way into work. I mean why be in such a hurry? On the way home if a workout is what you want then poor it on. Ride a bike more and drive a car less.


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