Sepia no 3D

Wow, is all that can be said for the techno world that we have created. Thinking about an axiom about family business for a moment I find it apt for today’s messiness. Family business is founded by the first generation, it’s grown by the second genration and it’s bankrupted by the third generation. Since 2008 there has been no less than world wide bankruptcy. Could it be any more clear that the generation in power has failed? There are 2 dimensional characters everywhere. And it’s certainly not just politicians, religious leaders, trusted advisors that failed the collective good.

Like a hundred years ago when this picture was taken our grandfathers were starting out no longer using horse power. Bikes and trolleys ruled the streets for a few years. Run up to the present day. The most powerful country in the world can’t quite get the transportation thing right. Any city of the future will need rail and humans on bikes. Look what our generations have done to disrupt and corrupt for the sake of cars. It won’t get any better riding around in Mustangs, Flex fuel, Rabbits, SLK’s Caddies, and such. What we had we can’t just magically reappear. But the opportunity to make something again in this country has to start with you. Ride a bike more and drive a car less



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