Transportation Set in Stone

June 1st marks the date when Minneapolis and St Paul officially begins road construction. The biggest gal darndest mess this year will make drivers fume more than usual. Interstate 94 between the cities is being ripped apart and a likely alternative route University Ave. is under construction for the next 3 years. So this leaves stop and go Lake St. Minneapolis and across the river Marshall Ave.

My eyewitness account yesterday is this. Transportation is set in stone for most people. The cars backed up for 3 lights which was about 1 mile in either direction and the sight was pitiful. Drivers are oblivious talking or texting on the phone or listening to music. Of course the day was just about perfect. Mid 70’s and sunny. What do you think the mood is going to be when it’s 95 and humid? And the car is ready to boil over? Or when the daily commute is two or three times as long? This is the perfect opportunity for both city governments to issue a message to drive less.

The commute by bicycle which I was riding was about 70 minutes door to door in a head wind. I barely broke a sweat. The distance is around 13 miles one way. My alternative route is a greenway or side streets. The idea that choice is something we all have is the only wake up call here. Nothing is set in stone. Why should your car driving be any different? Ride your bike more and your car less.


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