Minneapolis Madison 24 hour

The morning started with coffee, a bagel, and great prospects for the running of the Madison Marathon. When the field scooted out from the starting line it would be a few hours before I would catch back up with my daughter who was running her first race.

Did I mention this is Wisconsin and as one of the race perks there is free beer at the finish? So there I was with my camera when the batteries went dead after a few shots. Luckily, on a Sunday morning, the Walgreens was nearby where I stocked up. Rounding my way around the Capitol Square there were  a few photo ops I had to capture.

Yes, there is a homeless soul in this colorful repose. Summertime brings many homeless to the city. It was down into the fifties last night where the layers, hat and boots, may have offered some protection against the bite at dawn.

Before I left Minneapolis to come down to Madison I was on my way to the on ramp outside of downtown when I spotted an image from the past. My theme sometimes is as simple as colors that draw me to a subject. The minstrel looking Papa on the lawn above and the Gremlin and Caddy near Hennepin.

 There is a history of the metal landscape which is oblivious to most of us when we drive by it. Our mobility insures we miss the sleeping man.  The city feeds our relentless appetite of chrome and fantasy.

A new kind of metal is taking space in both cities. I have blogged about Bike Share in Minneapolis and now have a few insights today on Madisons B Cycle. It is a new system which has a very different business model than Minneapolis. For starters, the daily 24 hour pass with all due respect is so outrageously priced I’m not sure who it iss being aimed at for the target market. This is the first bike share system that charges for the initial 30 minutes. With a 10 dollar daily fee, the first 30 minutes would cost the rider 12 dollars. B Cycle will not charge more than 75 dollars in a 24 hour period. For that money a person could buy a bike at Target .  It appears this sort of business model would encourage year subscriptions and discourage daily subscriptions. For someone like me just visiting. That sucks. Well back to Minneapolis, really enjoyed MAD town. See you on the street, REV 2 ……….ride free or try like heck to drive a car less.


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