Sidewalk Dangers

24th and Nicollet by domotion2011
24th and Nicollet, a photo by domotion2011 on Flickr.

It has to be said every summer not to ride on the sidewalk. There are exceptions but the danger of making a practice of it is going to lead to D ZasTer! What is wrong with this picture? Riding against traffic and distracted by me is an accident waiting to happen. In an instant traffic could appear to the riders’ right to make a left turn striking and causing mayhem, mangling or even DEATH. Man, I would feel really bad for being the cause. Just an example of the dangers bike riders face when unaware and uninformed. Ok, second scenario. Biking on the sidewalk with traffic. Automobilist do not pay attention. About 50 percent of the time they are doing something else. That means a sidewalk surfer has a 1 in 2 chance of being struck in an intersection by right turning vehicles. But, its not just the automobilist that is to blame. Here is what the rider faces on most sidewalks. Signage, telephone poles, light post, news stands, drive ways, pedestrians and uneven walks. These obstacles increase the likelihood of the bike rider paying less attention to traffic and more to the obstacles. Right turns are killers and the only prevention is to listen for traffic and look behind you with plenty of time to spare before entering the intersection. Sometimes taking the lane is the best method to prevent vehicles from making deadly turns into bike riders. If a bike rider is in a hurry they become a danger to themselves. If we really need to get somewhere fast, then an alternative like a car might be the better tool. Be safe. Ride your bike more and drive your car less. Soul in motion, KODO


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