Office is no Kodo

A research team studying another cause for obesity has today published a fascinating tid bit. Largeness stems from inactivity in the workplace. Was this research necessary? I thought for sure a fifth grader would have known office work is a factor into a sedentary lifestyle. So there we have it another excuse. Could we have  just been satisfied with happy sounding couch potato, avid TV watcher, long distance commuter and genetics. The gist of the paper is the average person is burning 140 less calories at work than grandpa did 50 years ago. Does so few calories really make a difference at work? Probably not. Unless you are getting something more than your 140. Office is no Kodo that is in the most literal sense, sedentary,  no soul in motion. Period. But there is more.

One of the all time movie classics is Office Space. A middle aged guy that is redundant, who in the end, makes out like a bandit to retire on a sunny beach. Ah, the American dream. Well not too far from reality. The sedentary office worker of a certain age is big and unhealthy. It’s a wonder corporate America doesn’t implode from the ill health these workers are costing the bottom line. There is little difference from the Fictional Office, which portrays the truth of corporate America. Donuts anyone?

 It seems the study might have jumped ahead of themselves. Here is what I think. A company does no one any favors by having sweets around. Going back 50 years to study gramps is not going to move the debate forward. Obesity is an epidemic and this country should start treating it like the addiction it is. Move more, eat less, get on your feet and make some co motion. Drive your car less and ride your bike more.

Remove the temptation at the source for a healthier workplace. Gramps packed a lunch, walked to work and ate smaller portions. We suck up the cola, snack all day, eat our lunch out and await the day when the doctor tells us we are diabetic and then we have to exercise and change our diet or else. It’s been said, “youth is wasted on the young” It could also be said, old habits are harder to break.

I apologize if those reading this are trying as hard as you can and still not seeing results. Just believe your health is a history of choices like a promise you made to yourself. And now the key to improve your health is new choices leading to moderation in all things.

Lacing up G2G.


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