Kodo Tourist in the backyard

There is talk among bike riders of how to increase their ranks. I suggest we take a line from the Army and be all we can be!  Where better to be ourselves  than in our own hometown. Crazy thing is most hometown’s suck, at least on the surface. And what I mean by that is if all we do is drive around town we miss a lot. But, when bike riding a whole universe in our own backyard is opened.

I have been writing about the sense of a place in quite a few past post. Recently I came across Kodo, a Japanese word, loosely translated as “soul in motion.” As I imagine riding a bike over a lifetime it is very few places that I have passed through which I would describe as sucking. On the other hand I can drive a car through just about anywhere and get a suck feeling. Why is that? Does a bike ride have “soul” and a car ride bedevil?  If experience tells me a thing or two I am for certain that a bike is as close to Kodo as we are going to get in this lifetime. As for the things around us we can look for Kodo in them.

photo Linden Hills Park Minneapolis

Life demands choices from us. Increasingly, the awareness that cars are sucking the life out of us, makes the choice to resist what is bringing us down easier. It can be a simple start to discover close up what is only a blur from a car window. Be all you can be for your children’s sake. Ride a bike and leave your car behind and Kodo will be all around you just waiting to be discovered. This is for my wife who helps me sometimes with my grammar.


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