Kodo Pawlenty. Where is your soul?

I have had quite a bit of luck using key words in my title post if the topic is politics or religion. Today, the big guy that no one has heard of from Minnesota is throwing his hat in the ring, joining a lackluster field of Republican contenders. Let the games begin. It appears once again the first pitch out from these slubs has to question Obama’s truthfulness. So big whoop, does anyone think politics is about truth, it’s like saying there is a Santa Claus. Voters need to grow up and demand more from the candidates. Already the Reds are labeled “religious” Does that make the Blues heathens? Somewhere in between we have to get back to our pagan origin. Cut through the politicking and religion stuff  best as we can. It will always be there burying the soul of issues and policies important to the American public.

The Japanese have a word for “heartbeat” and recently the car maker Mazda has co-opted the word for their new design philosophy, called Kodo. The little twist which Mazda has turned is subtle and I like how it feels. Kodo is transformed from heartbeat to soul in motion. 

As a voter we have the opportunity to understand Kodo. It is a sense of our soul in motion. Looking beyond the divide of mud slinging to come Kodo comes from within to battle the incoming promises from one dimensional characters like Pawlenty. The question for Tim may be where is your soul? Let’s hear an answer before anymore trash talk is heard from your corner.


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