Born to Run

Finished the book Born to Run over the weekend. The premise is we are all born to run. From the earliest history our ancestors were great endurance runners. So why is it that running in the 21st century is so all about how fast we are able to run? Like every other aspect in our culture we are obsessed with speed. Hey, shout out to Indy in the month of May. Be safe on that oval for the 100th running of the event that put the city on the map.

Speed kills! That was a familiar saying growing up. Arrive Alive, was how Florida once marketed the Sunshine state. For the Indy folks again. Miami Florida and the Speedway were both developed by the same Carl Fisher , Indianapolis homeboy. Funny thing how one man and his vision would propel a country full of speed addicts for over a century. Well, this isn’t going to be about history repeating itself.

Yes, we were born to run and bicycle too. The magic bullet is not in your car. It is not at your drive up window. You will not find it in front of the TV or in your cubicle. Don’t we wish!

So look at the picture below. What do you see? Is it what you see or what you imagine to see? Does it please you or disturb you? Now go on with your driving as before and ask. What do I see or imagine to see. And if you dare, go on a run and ride a bike and ask yourself the same questions.


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