Where’s the Love? Ron Paul wants to make everyone happy!

Government is too big to fix unless you are Ron Paul. This dynamo of 75 years is back again after 2008 for his next marathon run at the 2012 Presidency.  Does he have a chance? You betcha! His mood hasn’t changed nor his ideas. He thinks we should mind our own business and let others mind theirs, which is ok in a wild west sort of way.  As the leader of the Free World he would give up the American Empire to reduce debt without sacrifice. Paul would make a great US Marshall if not president. His way or the highway is the codgers response, like a Jesse Ventura redux.  Dr. Paul say’s we should replace Illegal export tax breaks with $140 Billion in new breaks. Is this on top of the illegal breaks or does this mean the Paul government will have to enforce the law on illegal breaks? Questions like these hurt the mind of potential Paul voters. Paul constituents would rather keep this paternal and let Dad figure it out. The Paul platform has something for everyone kiddies! Take for instance felons in the community where he supports alternative sentences instead of more prisons. Maybe re-instate voting rights along with that as a side benefit. When Paul says something he is consistent with his message for America is for Americans. Paul wants us to leave everyone else alone.  He sticks to his beliefs for example. Paul believes trade with China is not to be tied to human rights. Beyond our borders Paul is basically saying, who cares? And within our borders Paul is safe to have that kind of attitude. Could be a lonely four years but, hey Paul’s got boundless appeal and can quickly charm anyone. It’s conceivable to have the butterfly effect. For all intents and purpose a Paul China policy stimulates the symbiosis with Wal-Mart which we would expect Wall Street re-bound when Paul comes to Washington. Free markets are a staple of Paul’s platform so Washington should not be able to dictate personal behavior. De-regulate and dismantle is big with Paul’s version of Constitutional Freedom.  Many pundits on both sides of the political spectrum see Paul as genuine. But, so is an adorable Grandpa who has “the” answer for “fixing the world.” Maybe it’s time to let the elder statesman in. What say? It’s only four years.  And in that time the government should stay out of the gay and lesbian agenda or any agenda. Maybe those lucky to benefit from a Paul presidency could finally plan to travel to Cuba. We don’t know how Paul can possibly pull this off but borrowing from foreign countries gives them power over us and it should be stopped. As the country settles in under the Paul regime the economy will improve when the government stops interfering in business matters. The smaller more manageable government is a Paul mantra. Even to the extent of where our kids should be schooled. Preferably at home with mom and dad. Or aunty, grandmother, baby sitter, daycare provider. But, hey kids can’t vote. Paul is thinking of shutting down the Department of Education to improve the quality of education. While I personally don’t agree with this one platform issue. It’s not a deal breaker. This last issue wraps up Paul’s platform into a tidy package.  Paul wants us all to be self reliant and thinks the government contributes to our energy woes and that government should stay out of the energy business.  This pretty much sums it up with Paul’s American vision. Much of Pauls vision is like today’s vision of America. Government providing low to no infrastructure maintenance and diminishing expectations, Wal-mart jobs and Wall street crooks, pick up trucks and high energy cost, loop holes and innocence, low life’s and high life’s, illusion and reality. Paul may have grand ideas but it takes a grand illusionist to pull them off. Think a kinder and gentler dictator.

This is meant as parody and in no way reflects the author views. Comments are welcome and stay on point. This is not a democratic response or Obama endorsement. Ride your bicycle like your life depended on it and vote often.


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