Gingrich is Running! Status mouth update.

Newt Gingrich, has been politician; just announced his Republican presidential candidacy. This is a joyous day for high school girls who graduate as virgins and should be rewarded. When elected Gingrich wants to make sure our troops still have a job so we should maintain a military presence in Afghanistan. Gingrich knows how important military jobs are and he would like to extend that same pay scale to unions, which have outlived their purpose. If we can’t agree on a living wage then Gingrich says we should build more prisons. This might seem contradictory when Gingrich has also said, we should encourage the Chinese people to demand God given rights. To clarify Gingrich thought judges must understand our rights come from God, not the government.

Low wage jobs are a trend Gingrich wants to continue. Cell blocks instead of housing tracts are on the horizon if Gingrich has his way.  The government should look at how the private sector manages its finances and imitate it. A top down management style is essential when he believes high schools are obsolete and eliminating the gas tax supports conservative based conservation efforts. This will lead the way to a Third Wave Information Age where Guantanamo is a humane and orderly place where detainees are treated with dignity.

Health care should be competitive and be allowed to cross state lines. Just as we should make immigration easier to come here legally, work, obey the law and go home.  Now if we would let the Iraqis win their own civil wars- if they really want to be free they will do it without us. Gingrich knows a special interest when he sees it. Israel is in great danger and by not supporting Israelis, we’re setting them up for a nuclear holocaust. Extremist views are not limited to the Islamic horde. Gingrich advocated that Congress institute a death penalty for pot smugglers and drug dealers. Homeland security is willfully hiding from reality according to Gingrich who would not rule out war with North Korea and for the girls who failed the virgin exam he supports group homes for unwed mothers. This is from a guy that wants to set up a database that people can access, modeled on Travelocity, where they can compare prescription drug prices.

Same sex couples should not be able to adopt children so that their Social security that has been looted could use the tax code to reinforce families.

Protectionism is destructive to the country.

This is a mash up cut/paste; and most of the words are from the site below.


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One response to “Gingrich is Running! Status mouth update.

  1. Phillip Beal

    I would vote for Him every day, and twice on Sunday, if the choice is him or Obama. I do not see the need for hostility. Let each man make his case and let the people decide. I do not see the people voting Obama in again, but if they do, I will live to see another day. The government does not, nor ever will control me. This country is great, but not the greatest thing in this life. I pray for this country, dems and reps, and even those who cannot make up their minds on which is right or wrong. Remember, the government is designed to work for us, not the other way around. Just something to think about. I wish you all the best.

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