Decisive Moment

One summer in the mid nineties I was car free and bicycle riding in Minneapolis I had my film camera with me most days and took loads of “street photography.” Some of it was bicycle subjects. The Hard Times Cafe was home to the HTBC. Marcus is shown here relaxing outside of the cafe. He is one of a series of young people who once belonged to the Hard Times Bicycle Club. Just a few years ago I heard from someone that Marcus, soon after this photo was taken, had died in a motorcycle accident leaving a daughter. She would be near his age now that the years have past.

While memories are so often tucked away there are times as they emerge again that they go full circle from conception to death and back again. As I have now become fully digital I find incredible freedom to take pictures anytime and anywhere. So the habit of carrying a camera has become second nature.  There is a certain mystery in a stranger in a fleeting moment when the space we occupy is never ever in all of time able to repeat itself, for want of better words, “The Decisive Moment” Henri Cartier-Bresson


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