How Long is Too Long?

Getting around town is a personal choice. How long it takes to move from point A to point B is mostly determined by what kind of hurry we are in. And what kind of “style” we are trying to capture. A black Ferrari revving it up to 40mph on the Parkway where the speed limit is 25 mph says, “look at me” or hey, “i’ve got a small dingaling.”  But, style and speed are relevant if standing at the bus stop like the little hairs on carrots that seem to grow when they are in the crisper drawer for too long.

Our time is precious to make every moment last while cutting corners to enable us to race from parking lot to parking garage to parking space to shop in dismal malls. Who goes to the mall might we ask? Doesn’t everyone know that buying stuff and getting a deal is to  the savvy shopper and what Uncle Morrie always say’s “no one pays retail” as we wax nostalgic for the bargains we once had at Marshalls and Burlington Coat. So why should we limit ourselves to retail energy or transportation as if our own two legs could carry us about on personal trips in our little piece of paradise?  All this running around and shopping is taking a swing at tired business models. Who can not say on-line shopping is easier? Wow, no driving, no lines, no tax!!!! What to do with all the time we now have? Don’t ever listen to your gut when you are hungry. With a full tank of gas, leave the beast at home and get on the bike. With money in your pocket, take a ride for free. When you least expect it, all healthy and all, take a spot outdoors when the health club beckons to do a routine or training session that always leaves you watching the clock, performance related anxiety to boot, is screaming at the saturated minutes we have boxed ourselves into.


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