Passing Motorist

As if Obama can lower gasoline cost in America! Those politicians that blame high gas cost on the President are talking trash duh; Obama doesn’t have a seat on Opec. Time to shout back at those politicians. Do you want lower prices? Here is a sure fire way to get to the heart of the matter. Lower taxes at the pump. Albeit a short sighted proposition, eliminate federal tax. Let the state sort it out. There you will have relief. Less revenue to fix roads and highways just means your little part of the world just got crappier. It’s that have your cake and eat it too rule. Somethings you just can’t get around and then you have to change what you have been doing and do something else.

Passing motorist, please give it a thought next time you want to complain about the cost of gas. We pay more for it than at the pump, passing motorist, know not what you do to the least you do to your mother. Passing motorist, is a foul spirit on the land, listen outside of the cockpit for signs of life if there is any.


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