Weather and Wellness

This might be the longest winter I’ve had the opportunity to experience. Yesterday, the city had it’s most recent snow fall. If this had been rain we would have been drenched. The good news is that Spring flooding is not so severe as predicted by the weather service. Should we get May showers and June flowers is anyones guess including the weatherman. Anyhow, if we are looking for perfect weather to cheer us up, I can’t think of  a much better way to be disappointed. So it goes the weatherman is often a key player in our behavior towards activities in the outdoors.

Growing up in Indiana it seemed like mentioning the weather was a way to break the ice, start a conversation. What I remember was people naturally complained all the time. Maybe, we had a reason to complain, then hardly anyone had A/C to retreat to from the hot and humid summers. City swimming pools were rare in those days and the city parks, although well kept, were receding as destinations with the movement of people to the suburbs. The winter was no better. Short days and very little to do outside in Indianapolis; winter running, walking and bicycle riding was not on the radar of most people. But, I wonder how far we have come from those years before the “Information Age” and Doppler satellite  and if the weather is a justifiable source of fear or if the root fear is our being seen in outdoor activities?

Physical Wellness is my theory for this fear of outdoor activity. Physical Wellness asks so much of a person that to practice it, live it; we would all have to retreat from Western society, our families and our jobs. Physical Wellness has been commercialize for indoors use were membership is often required. The unintended consequences results in 5/6th of the population that are not exposed to these indoor gathering places where people are physically active.  We may have the largest dues paying population for indoor activity on the planet and the most sedentary lifestyle of any people in the history of mankind. It is not enough to pay dues, join a health club and be active only indoors. Courage to be seen outdoors and braving the weather report breaks the fear barrier. Better physical wellness is overcoming forecast fears projected by the weatherman and his up to the minute prognostications. Tune out and turn on to the outdoors, you deserve it.


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