Revolutionary Playbook

What is it about our recent past that we could learn from to apply to our problems today? I mean the playbook is already written for activism. So when civil rights and gay rights for example and peace movements and women’s rights movements took to the streets with people protesting, things happened. The nightly news had something to report. So where is the activism today? Is it revolutionary to Tweet our protest? That is bull and we know it. People want change they better hit the street. The problem is no one knows what to protest. It’s like why bother. Ok, so don’t do anything. That is just what the scamps wants us to do. The situation is that Americans are really a minority in the world. The emerging middle class of 300-600 million consumers in China and elsewhere will dominate the global economy for at least the next decade. The illusion of the American Dream will be the wool over voters eyes again this next election cycle. We cannot expect our fellow “consumers” to become active citizens without some form of modeling. It comes right back to the playbook of recent events. For regime change to take place we need to hit the streets. Would it be revolutionary then to protest silently by riding a bike? Look at how that hits the pocket books of big government with less gas tax. Drive less means the big American industries that have gone off shore ie: GM will have to drive their prices down. Just maybe health care cost will level when sedentary lives are energized. Silent revolution or not it’s about you making the effort to pay attention to the events that are happening right in our country. Our children expect us to act for their future is to be all or nothing at all. Remembering back when I was growing up, the society was divided as today. People drove everywhere in the ever expanding sprawl with little consciousness. Not different than today, it is like we all got dumber. We can do better. The revolutionary playbook has only four words written in. Take to the Streets. Ride your bike more and drive your car less.  Even the blind walk places so can you.

art by Erik Cato Jahn


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