Proficient Risk

If you all know, the New York Times has a subscription now for on-line readers. You also may know that if you don’t subscribe, the reader can only access 20 articles and my 20 are up for the month. So I have gone to the West Coast for news. In today’s L.A. Times this article debates the merits of BMI or body mass index to determine health risk in overweight individuals. One interesting method to access health risk is waist measurement and fat that girdles your mid-section. The article states that  40 inches for men and 35 for women is the threshold when adding inches increasing the risk for Type – 2 diabetes and weight related diseases. So there we have it. Carrying a wide load or spare tire is likely to impair simple physical tasks and over reliance on health expenditures escalating through out our lives. Who wants poor health? Who is going to pay for it? The last sentence of the article nails it for me about the gravity of the situation, coming from Dr. Amy Weinstein of Harvard who says ” And for busy doctors, the BMI is easy, familiar and cheap. She added “There are better ways to measure individuals,” but, she added, “we just don’t have the time to make more complex calculations with a patient in the office.” So if the docs are too busy then maybe it’s time for those of us with weight issues to get busy, if not us then who? When we learn as much as we can about our health risk then we begin to live with proficient risk. Learn it. Do it. Like it. For you life.

Please take a few minutes to read the article.  Take another look in the mirror on the wall. What you see is what you get. How you got there is your business. When you want to change come back to the mirror and tell yourself you will make a 30 day commitment to better health and improve your proficient risk. Then lace up your shoes, walk out of the front door and begin walking. This is the beginning of daily organic motion. You are in control now. If it helps, be impulsive about walking, understand the spirit of your own movement and enjoy the outdoor places. There is no magic pill that will reduce all of our health risk. But, become your own expert with proficient risk, ie; move more and eat less. Signing off for now with one last word from Curious George who says that you should. “Ride your bike more and drive your car less”.


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