Bike Share

The Minneapolis Bike Share is back for it’s second season. Great deals for people that live in or near the service area. Register before end of May for huge discount. The subscription price is slashed to $40.00 for the season.  Let’s put this in perspective for anyone contemplating using the system. If you’re wondering how far $40.00 dollars will take you on your own bike read what this compares too. The price we put on a 6 month season is the equivalent to 10 gallons of gasoline. Or a bag and half of groceries. Or two tickets to the movies and popcorn and drinks. A bottle of wine and a couple appetizers. A visit to McDonalds once a month. Less than a month of basic cell service. Less than most monthly internet service. A modest priced gift. Etc.Etc. Excetera. The Bike Share is a real deal for us and you can bet we are excited that people are using the system. If you are somewhere else in the  USA and want to make your place more bike friendly there is only one way to do it. You have to be present and make yourself seen on the streets of your hometown. We are doing it in Minneapolis a little bit year by year. You can too. Ride your bike more and use your car less.


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