Disruptive Technology

Wristwatches, camcorders, GPS devices, point and shoot camera’s are becoming fast history. A couple days ago the 4 year old Flip camcorder bit the dust.  So it is for the single use device when multiple gadgets are now bundled into the smart phone. After 135 years since the birth of the telephone and the death of the telegraph we can witness a giant leap in communications. In theory, every smart phone user will have the capability to produce their own personal point of view. The user can be the director, photographer, editor and publisher of anything they experience in little time at all. This blog could be processed today if I had a smart phone. I’m far from being an early adopter. In the meantime I’ll just lug the camera with me. And go online when I get back around to my laptop. I’m not so impulsive to go out and get stuff. Never had a camcorder or GPS device. Funny how I can’t get a watchband for my Timex. Hahaha. I want to share 5 minutes on 24th and Nicollet Ave S in Minneapolis MN . Photo’s taken April 12th 2011. This is a mile from downtown and about a mile from Uptown. Our city has many districts where biking is a normal thing to do. If you see yourself cool. For the rest of us, know that when we take an opportunity to be in motion outdoors we are native to the sense of that place.

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