Good health is the next bio fuel

A bicycle industry article in Bicycle Retailer stated obesity could be the industries calling card. I should preface that the article makes some insensitive statements that may offend. The bike industry like the health industry has a big money stake to increase profits. Where was BCBS  while obesity in America ramped up over the past twenty years? While in no small part it is the failure of the bike industry as well. This is an industry that supports shoddy imports of  mass market bicycles that are merely grownup toys. It is too late for the bike industry to latch onto the health industry when both have little credibility with the American public to now start preaching health benefits. Some would argue that biking isn’t healthy at all. Notably 95 percent of American consumers have many excuses for not riding.  It seems to me the answer lies within. Prevention is only something we are capable of.  When we stop for a moment and realize the health of our engine, our body, is all about biofuel, the choice is ours, either we idle, overeat and rust away or we engage the gears, get up and go and stay in tune. And along the road to maintain or regain our health we got to make room for everyone big and small or get out of the way.

The rusted headlamp has a certain appeal. It sort of has hope. Is that like you? It could possibly be used again. Never say never. Location 36 st and Nicollet Ave S Mpls MN


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  1. ben

    An excellent and creative title for this post!

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