Fear of Losing

A friend is having some difficult times at work. There is quite a bit of change and the boss is as head strong as my friend. My friend is proud and has had many professional accomplishments  and so has the boss. It’s not that my friend is afraid of learning but that my friend is afraid of losing her sense of place. It has been some strange times since 9/11. My friend isn’t alone dealing with change, but is it better to bury your head in the sand? There is nothing positive gained from  a fear of lose. We better get used to the accelerated change hurdling through our world.  So how does a proud nation go forward? Things are just bigger than all of us for sure. What we have control of is what we do next. That’ s if we are paying attention. Learning to live better in the places we call home town defeats the fear of losing. This is what I want to stress. Like other posts I’ve made, the first and last message is to, use your car less and bicycle more. You might surprise yourself how melting away the sense of lose will strengthen our sense place.

Horse sculpture is in office park Edina MN. Within a square mile there are two other large abstract sculptures. This one appealed to me most. Hope you like too.


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