Tour deCure

After a long winter the challenge to adopt new physical and behavioral habits seem much like another New Years resolution. Do we have unfulfilled latent aspirations to live healthier lives? Is it time to get off the couch and expand the comfort zone? Generally, when we participate in an active physical lifestyle it is less about the destination and more about the trip. Beginning with daily routines incrementally can develop physical and mental endurance. Invariably our behavior then is about lifestyle choices.  For the Tour deCure riders the hope is that your event preparation sparks the desire to remain an active bicycle rider.  To help with our departure from the comfort zone let’s enter the “M2L zone.”

Our comfort zone has two components when we look at it. I believe these components are the ying and yang that I call the “M2L zone.” The M2 component is motivation being impulse and momentum being the power of movement. The L component is location; it is the place you live.  Discovering the outdoor rhythm and liveliness in your unique M2L zone may sound elementary to some. If so you are way ahead of the rest of us.

For Tour deCure riders that are just beginning physical activity it is all about getting outdoors and out of our comfort zone. Let’s begin by identifying what the M2L zone means. Imagine the diverse neighborhoods, cities and towns we all live. You are at the hub or center of a M2L zone. This can best be illustrated with a local map. Your home or hub is your training ground. If you were to draw concentric squares at three intervals of one half mile each, you will then have one, four and nine square mile districts.  Seek public spaces within these districts where there are also walkers, joggers and bike riders.  Successful outcomes are in no small part because we surround ourselves with other physically active people. So whatever your current activity level there are plenty of places in most urban and suburban areas that are accessible right outside your front door.

Training for a charity bicycling event is preparing oneself that begins no less than today. How to get started? Is walking, jogging or biking on your radar?  Ache and pain threshold challenges each of us as well as a unique health history that may first include physician counseling. Daily physical activity is your next step in the rhythm of life. Make it happen. Make it pleasurable.


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