Ewing St near Five Points

The three streets that intersect on my corner of the world is known as Five Points. This is the bicycling hub of Southwest Minneapolis. Something about the energy that exist here. Our Linden Hills neighborhood has a vortex, like Sedona AZ.  Linden Hills is actually seven Hills atop  what once would have been wet lands. Up until the 1960’s annual flooding would bring canoeist paddling down Xerxes Ave. It could be that since setting aside the old native meeting place near Lake Harriet as park land that this balance is maintained today and the energy is positive. I can feel it while running around the lake. Today, I had an ahhhh moment. The weather was agreeable and people were out walking and running. It was a promenade of young and old just wanting to be outdoors on a warm early spring evening. I know how lucky I have been to live near Lake Harriet for the past 15 years. I just didn’t know that I would ever feel that I wanted to tell others how much I appreciate our preserve which is a legacy for future generations.

So what does this gorilla have to do with anything? Just walking on Ewing St. the other evening with my wife to get some groceries. We came upon this sculpture in a yard. I don’t think I have ever walked this block before. So much to see for the first time as we make a trip to Trader Joe’s a walk or bike ride now that the “cabin” is free of snow and ice.


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