Training for Old Age

I started a running routine  a few weeks ago. So far I’m injury free. Most of the outings have been with other runners which helps reduce my tendency to do too much too soon. Like these icicles I imagine during my running years I will appear beautiful and chiseled. Eventually  though, after many seasons of activity, I will become as brittle as ice and melt away in the end. That is the way I see training for old age. On the other hand some of my dearest friends are very competitive. They seem typically to ask about training for events rather than doing motion just for the joy of moving and working outdoors. These friends also are uninitiated in biking for the joy of it. As with running they can’t figure out why they should ride unless it was for working out or an event they had scheduled. It is part of our system of doing motion in health clubs and the notion that we have to compete that alienates natural desires for everyday movement. Daily organic motion can be part of training for an active life if you don’t think too hard about it. The mechanics of it are pretty simple when you just put one foot in front of the other and head towards the door and to the great outdoors. Drive less and ride your bike more.


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  1. I’ve also recently started running. I’m not a natural runner, so it’s a way I can feel like I’ve exercised in a short time period. That feeling takes hours on a bicycle, but 15 minutes while running.
    Keep up the good articles!

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