Difference Machine


Written from the perspective of a six year old. Sorry to say the typical kid is scared bytheir parents and culture at six and I’ve had a lifetime to forget what it was like to be six.

It will be hard to grow up and be different. I mean different like a man or a woman.  Or different like skinny or fat like dogs and cats. We are learning in school that everyone is the same. I don’t believe it. Because I can see that we are going to be different. Maybe, now boys and girls look the same, but not for long because Mommy’s have boobs.  That is the part that I don’t mind about being different because daddy is handsome and mommy is beautiful.  No, grownups have so many ideas that make them different. Different from me, a little kid who wants to ride a bike, far away in places I have seen in magazines.  The magic of those places appearing as daydreams when looking at whatever I see while riding. I can’t explain why but I know this is what makes me different.

I tried this experiment on the school bus once. And I tried in the car too. I tried to daydream exactly like I do while riding looking at whatever I see. All that I saw from behind my window was my neighborhood and the cars on the street and the parking lots and the storefronts. My feelings hurt. I did not know why. I was sad. And I wanted to know.  So I asked my friend that goes to her daddy’s house some days and goes to her mommy’s house some days. Divorced is what she calls it. She has to ride in cars everyday from day care after her bus ride.  So I knew I was asking an expert window watcher.  But, I am more confused now that I asked her. In her mommy’s car the movies are always playing.  In her daddy’s car everyone is called Jack and she is afraid Jack is making daddy mad. She says window watching is seeing all the things around you disappear in the blink of an eye. No one pays attention to what is outside of a moving window.


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