Symptom or Solution

The rider of this St Paul DIY single speed coaster brake bike told me the low hand grip position of the racing bars was uncomfortable. A upright posture and a position for resting hands was intended. In this crude solution the bicyclist turned the handlebar stem around and loosened a bolt to tip the handlebars back. The time this adjustment takes might be 2 minutes. I have become interested of course in these set ups devised due to symptomatic pain or discomfort. Uninitiated and novice riders looking to alleviate discomfort expedite conversions of existing gear  like this solution albiet a solution with unintended consequences. The rearward facing stem shortens the top tube length and rider reach that in effect causes poor maneuverability. As we talked the rider took a longing look at the padded cork tape on the Masi handlebar. It seemed to awaken how barren these handlebars seemed and the possibility of additional comfort. As I went on my way I wondered if this novice might just not change a thing.

Masi Rev 2 and St Paul DIY together on Mississippi Bridge. Look closely how the DIY rider reach is compromised by the reverse stem. The cross part of the handlebars are close to the same plain for both bikes. The DIY top tube is now shortened and the seat position is cramped. The Masi Rev 2 posture functions well with standard reach adjustment based on seat fore and aft positioning. Any future trend with repurposing racing handlebars will depend on how well DIY set ups become an accepted design in bike culture. Above my banner are pages for the Rev 2 DIY modification and also Rider Reach. It is my intent to offer the DIY’er the basics to move from novice performance to the next level of proficiency. As I said in my last post. Know your bike and know life. 


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