The all white bike is known traditionally as the ghost bike to honor the dead. The ghost bike is Metalife. Not to be ridden, but a solemn reminder for the living. Presumably, the latent tricycle child and adult rider have moved on, not passed on. I couldn’t resist the opportunity of this picture. I find it ironic that millions of bikes hang inside garages in America, lifeless and soulless, when a bit of imagination  has defined for all of us  passerby’s a simple curiosity. Art! What is it good for? Let me put it this way. I enjoy this image for being one moment in time. In a few months the image will be transformed by leafy vines. What then new art? But, I digress, as HR would say I’m about ready to “stick it to the man.” I mentioned millions of bikes hang in garages in America. Did you know there is approximately 1 bike for every man, woman and child in this country? In a previous post called 88 percent Nation bicycles ridden over 100 days a year are only 1 percent of the adult  population. 88 percent of the bikes in America are hanging in garages or rusting somewhere. So, let’s challenge ourselves this year. Three things you can do with a bike. First, paint it white and hang it outside. Second, if you feel generous, give it away to someone who will use it. Third, get on it and start using it. Whatever you do don’t just let it hang in the dark for another year. One last thing. This Saturday, March 26th marks the fifth anniversary of Earth Hour. People and communities around the globe will turn off their lights at 8:30pm. The challenge is to go beyond this hour cause we all know one hour is only symbolic. Challenge yourself now. Drive you car less and ride your bike more.


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