Found in Vintage store display on Bryant and Lake retro cruiser with red saddlebags. What kind of cigarettes does this cowboy smoke? Look a little closer at the girly streamers. Mudders, Lovers and Thieves are as misunderstood as this cowboy. Mudder cowboys. take a hike around, over and through the asphalt jizz of spring in Minneapolis. Can you say bounce through pot holes? Are you jamming over the last ice moguls curbside? Lover cowboy’s get on those object d’art bikes that are hanging out in your cool 1 bedroom. BSNY owns, cowboy killer.  Thieve cowboys, you are bad, LOL. Maybe just smelly and unshaven. All these cowboys and no cowgirls for you. Hello, to all those bikers, I mean cowboys, the range is all fenced in now. Times are changing. The automobile has made it rough on our way of life. It just ain’t right we can’t roam free like we once did. Someone give me a light for one more smoke and talk about old times.


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