Trader Joe’s

The dogs in the cart attached to the bike are waiting outside the St. Louis Park Trader Joe’s. Met the interesting Terry bike owner after admiring doggies. She may or may not send me details about her ride around Lake Superior so I have sketchy story about an 1100 mile ride and some time spent in Thunder Bay. So if I hear back from her I’ll make detailed post. But, why I write is to rave about better feed, food, grub, dinner, nutrition, and whatever since Trader Joe’s has become my go to store. Fergetabout my Costco rebates and Rainbow gas miles and the carpeted isles at Byerly’s. TJ’s is a grocery bag or less 3 or 4 times a week. I posted pictures of the contents from one such trip. Now with a full house for the past week, we have shopped exclusively for fruits, vegetables, cereals, dried fruit and nuts, chips and salsa, crackers and bruschetta, milk and eggs, Italian bread and red sauce. These staples are high quality, very tasty and a better price than sale items at these other stores. Banana’s 5 for a dollar! Like when you go into Joe’s you don’t get into a buying frenzy like Costco. Nor do you over consume because Joe’s packages are never “family” size.  I still go to the chains in town once or so a week to buy our meats, always on sale, and ice cream, can’t live without. Let’s face it to keep the house well stocked and not break the bank we are shopping around 4 days a week as we did this week. Why buy more? It’s great to live in this city were at times much is taken for granted. Then we realize how fortunate to be wherever we are as we are already there.

Oh, about the dogs in front of Trader Joe’s and what was it? Yeah, you meet more people when on a bike and especially at Joe’s. Sometimes too, friendly dogs and a story. Did you know in Liberia in the Mandinga tribe that Donzo means Hunter? So don’t let the broken English persuade you that it means all done or finished. That bit of lore coming straight  from Donzo the Liberian clerk at Joe’s


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