Twin Options

Yeah, baseball opener is coming, but how we all get to the game downtown now has a few options besides driving our pickups and Suvs. The NorthStar line from Big Lake to Target Field is scheduled for home games. The Hiawatha line is again cramming fans into trains. Mix up the night on the town and game with fellow fans to the park and ride. With the new season bicyclist will want to ride out to the Field using the 50 plus miles of trail system. There is a new stretch of trail opening soon that goes right into Target Field. From the West side at the terminus of the Cedar Lake super highway trail. (take a right and you end up at Lee’s Liquor Lounge) Go straight ahead toward Target Field. When I was on this section St. Patty’s Day the trail was open to the parking lot before Washington Ave. The trail will eventually connect with the River Road and is expected to open this Spring. From the River Road there will be signs pointing to Target Field.

With this new trail to the River the opportunity to bypass downtown all together has finally been created. It seems that now the population from North and Northeast can move freely towards Southwest Minneapolis and the inner ring suburbs of Edina and St Louis Park. And as more Southwester’s become familiar with the trail, access to the West Bank and the University has just become easier. From a recreational point of view, this link eliminates being relegated  to the messy bike lanes that the city created on first avenue last year. So take some time and find new routes this year, get off the beaten path and discover the city again.



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